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Frequently asked questions about EZ Covers


About 3 to 5 working days. All orders are sent the very next working day.
Working days do not include public holidays or weekends.

The days of covering your books with sticky rolls of wallpaper are over! Our stretchable covers made from high-quality fabrics, in awesome designs, are sure to infuse fun and variety into your textbooks. Stretchez are also 100% machine washable and reusable.

  • PROTECT and STYLISE your valuable hardcover textbooks with our Stretchez adhesive-free protective covers.
  • SUPER EASY TO PUT ON and remove from school books. No taping or cutting required.
  • REUSABLE AND WASHABLE. Made from high-strength, durable stretchable nylon fabric for maximum protection and years of protection.

SIZES – A4 - Fits most larger textbooks, up to 23cm x 30.3cm x 5cm
A5 - Snugly fit smaller, thinner text books up to 20cm x 25cm x 2cm

Send them back (within 14 days) for a full refund, end of story.

Shipping is only $5.00 (including gst) for any urban addresses in New Zealand, no matter how large your order is. Shipping to rural addresses is $7.50. Orders over $60 get free shipping to urban addresses within New Zealand.

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It will depend on your child but if they are looked after they will last for years.

We manufacture our covers using some recycled materials, these recycled materials contain many imperfections due to the different types of plastic mixed into the recycle that we use. When we seal and cut our covers the hot knife can sometimes exaggerate the imperfections found in the recycled materials resulting in small bumps along the top and bottom edges.

Because you are purchasing directly from us and also you can re-use our covers on the next book.

The Australian and UK exercise books are slightly different sizes.

Let us know and we will send you out some replacement covers for free.
Common reasons for hold-ups in the post include: Rural deliveries and entering a physical address rather than a postal address.

Return the covers to us with a note inside explaining what you would like swapped and we will replace it with the correct size free of charge.
The covers need to be returned to us in an A4 sized envelope or larger so that they remain flat. Please include a stamped ($2.40) self addressed envelope that we can use to send the replacement covers back to you.

Contact us for an information pack. This pack contains a booklet explaining how the school rebate system works and some samples to show around.

We have an A4 info sheet which has a promotional code on it that increases our rebate to your school. To maximise the rebate to your school it's a good idea to distribute this brochure to your parents, contact us for the info sheet. The info sheet is emailed to your school as a pdf file so you can choose to email it to your parents or print it out and hand it to your students. If neither of these options work for your school then contact us and we will print the info sheets out for you and post them to you at no charge. Other than that there's nothing to do at all, there's no selling, no lists, no collating. For more information have a look at our School rebate page here.

Yes Schools can order from this page: and pay by credit card, by Internet Banking or by Invoice

There are two different standards here: A3, A4, A5 etc is the International standard for paper sizes. 1B4, 1B5, 1B8 etc is the NZ Standard for naming school books. Any book that is A4 in size (i.e. the same size as A4 paper) will fit an EZ8. Any book such as a 1B4, 1A4, 1E4 will fit an EZ4. If you get stuck take a look at this chart here: where you can try our new size calculator.

No, the covers slide on, fit snugly until you are ready to take them off, there is no need for any glue

Our covers a made from Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) that has the recycling code 4 and are accepted in many soft plastics recycling programmes

Recycling code 4

Through this website and at select Paper Plus stores

ez covers will fit all NZ soft cover exercise books

Yes our covers will fit the soft covered notebooks 3B1 and 3F1 which measure 100mm x 165mm

The EZ5 will fit the large JWB / LWB books, however there is a smaller version of the JWB / LWB which fits nothing.
Confused? Take a look at the bottom of this page:

Any book code starting with 14 is a refill pad and won't need covering.

Sorry, we don't do a cover for books ending in a '2'.

Yes our scrapbook covers will fit standard scrapbooks that measure 245mm x 335mm.

Yes, the EZ5 will fit the clever kiwi my writing books 1 & 2. We also have covers to fit the Clever Kiwi range of Scrapbooks and Activity books. When ordering make sure that you select the right sized Scrapbook cover as one size fits standard Scrapbooks and the other size fits the Clever Kiwi Scrapbooks.

As the scrapbook cover is a large cover we have included a double sided low-tack tape to help hold the cover in position. Some people choose not to use the tape, the cover stays on fine without it.

We introduce a number of new designs each year, however,  absolutely everything that we have available at the moment is listed on our order page.

As an online supplier we're not really set up to deal with people collecting their covers from us, we don't have eftpos terminals and we don't carry any change, however, if it's urgent we can probably help you out :)

Send us an email and we'll get back to you right away (